I’ve had a bit of free time on my hands as of late, so I finally got around to editing and posting this recording of Andy McKee playing his song “Art of Motion” during his show in Seattle in December of 2014.

Andy and I also did a full podcast interview, you listen to that here.

Thank you to Andy for the time and performance and I hope you guys enjoy this!



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Brockton is the creator of ModernFingerstyleGuitar.com and host of the MFG Podcast. Based in Seattle, Brockton has a deep passion for acoustic fingerstyle music. When he's not playing guitar himself, you can find him exploring the Pacific Northwest with his dog Bruce.
  • samuel t.cummins

    I am a guitar lover and always find some special tune and i really impress to you. You are a genius and mind-blowing. Keep it up and doing better. Thank you

    July 2nd, 2016 13:09

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