Thomas Leeb has a creative percussive fingerstyle guitar sound that was forged in the high hills of Austria – and it’s freaking awesome.

In this interview I had a chance to dig in with Thomas about the origins of his unique style, his gear, and some advice on how he started playing percussive fingerstyle guitar.

Trickster - Thomas Leeb

Thomas is also in the final days of his Pledge Music campaign to fund the production of his latest album titled Trickster. I’ve preordered the album myself and if you’d like to show your support for another great fingerstyle guitar artist – this is your chance.

To fund the campaign, there are a few of his Lowden guitars up for sale including the Thomas Leeb Signature Model and the guitar he recorded his album Desert Pirate. Notice the scratchplate near the cutaway – a cool add-on to get that iconic “chick-chick” sound.

thomas leeb scratchplate

In this interview we talk about:

  • How he got started playing fingerstyle guitar
  • Pledge Music campaign tips from Thomas
  • Thomas’s Lowden guitars
  • The origin and story behind his scratchplate
  • Thomas Leeb Acoustic Guitar Bootcamp
  • Advice on getting started with his style and composition

Guitarist Mentioned – Peter Finger, Alex De Grassi, Isato Nakagawa, Michael Hedges, Preston Reed


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