If playing fingerstyle guitar wasn’t complicated enough, Trevor Gordon Hall is taking things to the next level. He’s been is ranked as one of the 30 best guitarist under 30 years of age by Acoustic Guitar Magazine and is pushing the creative boundaries of modern fingerstyle guitar.

Trevor gordon hall

His instrument of choice, the “Kalimbatar,” is an African Kalimba mounted onto the top of his his custom Schwartz guitar. Trevor’s percussive fingerstyle technique combined with the plucked Kalimba makes for a unique and almost dreamy sound.

His latest album Mind Heart Fingers is out now make sure to check it out.

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Show Notes

  • Musical background and the story of the “Kalimbatar”
  • Trevor’s gear, setup, and custom Sheldon Schwartz Guitar
  • Trevor’s calculated practice schedule
  • His approach to composing his new album


Links from Episode

Guitar Maker Sheldon Schwartz Guitars

K&K custom pickup (for Kalimba)

K&K Pure Mini (for guitar)

Mini flex 2 mic system

Radial ToneBone (2x)

Brockton is the creator of and host of the MFG Podcast. Based in Seattle, Brockton has a deep passion for acoustic fingerstyle music. When he's not playing guitar himself, you can find him exploring the Pacific Northwest with his dog Bruce.
  • Jeff Bamburg

    Great interview. I really enjoyed hearing Trevor’s comments and love his music. Sheldon Schwartz is a great friend and fellow luthier. Love the show! Hope you have huge success with this.

    October 29th, 2014 21:36

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