Adrian Bellue

Adrian Bellue is an emerging artist out of Sacramento, California.

According to Adrian, he got his first guitar at age fourteen and was the ”typical teenage metal head.”. When it was time for college Adrian went on to study guitar but after a bout of discouragement, left school and went on to work towards a career in martial arts.

After sustaining a serious injury while sparring, he spent his recovery time rediscovering the acoustic guitar during, this time approaching it through the lens of a martial artist. With this newfound passion and a Kung Fu mindset, Adrian got to work and fully pursued his path as a full time musician.

He’s performed with big names like Craig D’Andrea, Antoine Dufour, Don Ross and been mentioned by Andy McKee on our podcast as an artist look out for.

Adrian is truly dedicated passionate about modern fingerstyle guitar – we look forward to more great music ahead!


1) What is one piece of gear you can’t live without?

“I am pretty minimal when it comes to gear, but one thing I’ve been very satisfied with lately is Archangels preamps. They have the BEST preamps for the rich and balanced tone we finger stylists seek. I’m one of their endorsed artists along with Antoine Dufour.”


2) Who is your favorite Modern Fingerstyle Guitarist at the moment?/ Which guitarist/musician are you most inspired by?

“It’s a hard match, and I have many favorites in the realm of modern fingerstyle. I love very groove oriented playing, but also intricate melodies and harmonies strike chords with me. When it comes to groove, I’m a big fan of Thomas Leeb. His latest album Trickster is one not to be missed. As for melody, I love Trevor Gordon Hall‘s latest works in Mind Heart Fingers. I had the pleasure of doing some gigs for him in Southern California recently when we met at NAMM.”


3) When you pickup the guitar right now, what is the first song that comes out? 

“I have a few guitars. I recorded my debut on a 1983 Kazuo Yairi DY52 with walnut and cedar, and a 2012 Kazuo Yairi YB1 baritone with spruce and rosewood. I was anonymously sent a harp guitar a couple of years ago from a complete stranger who heard me play one at a music shop. It’s from Ukraine built by Jay Buckey and it’s Sed Spruce and African Bubinga. I’m currently looking into having another built. Now, I am replacing my Yairi guitars with Stonebridge guitars who I am now endorsing. They built me a great cocobolo spruce grand auditorium and are currently making me a baritone. I had a blast playing at NAMM for them.”


4) Aside from the fact that you are a great guitar player, what is something else that is surprising or interesting about you? (or what are you passionate about outside of fingerstyle guitar?)

“Something that all my peers and friends tell me I need to do more is throat singing and beatboxing. I’ve been obsessed with throat singing and Tuvan culture since I was a kid, and have practiced a variety of throat singing techniques for the past several years. This has led to me discovering beatboxing, as it becomes second nature once you’ve mastered throat singing. I have friends in Tuva and am planning a backpacking trip there to compete in a giant throat singing symposium competition in Kyzyl, the capital of Tannu Tuva.”


5) How much time do you spend playing guitar a day/week? What’s a normal day like for you?

“My typical schedule is a morning stroll with my dog in the park where I relax next to the lake and throat sing. That usually leads to coffee and guitar 🙂 I typically spend at least a few hours every day on the guitar. My usual process is to pick up a guitar and hit record and just hammer away with new ideas and riffs. I make sure to just freely create and record it, so I can review it later that week and pick out the ideas I liked. Then I hit the books and work on theory. Then I might work on an arrangement or a cover. I also like to take weekly inspirational field trips where I take my guitar and recording gear out to the field and find something that inspires me. I take picture and video of the place and feeling that I find, then I record audio and video of a musical sketch of what I’m feeling. Then I take it back and review.

I think this process is something everyone should try. There’s only so much practicing at home can do before you need some fresh inspiration. 🙂 then I spend a few hours fixing and setting up guitars at a local guitar workshop, then I teach a few lessons. I also have a yearly your schedule and monthly scheduled recording time, so I’m pretty much in guitar land all day everyday.”


6) What’s on the horizon for you in playing and life?

“Music and the guitar have become a reformation and rehabilitation for me. I dealt with depression a lot when I was younger, like most do, and the acoustic guitar is what changed my life and helped me find my path.

I plan on returning the favor for the rest of my life and striving to master my craft, teach others, and seek and share inspiration. I am currently working on refining and writing material with Don Ross and Thomas Leeb helping coach, and then I’ll be flying out to Montreal to record with Antoine Dufour.

Should be an epic year with shows across the U.S. and Canada, as well as some stuff overseas in the works.”

Written by Andrew James – Andrew is a young guitarist, amateur music producer, and YouTuber.

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Andrew James
Andrew is a young guitarist, amateur music producer, and YouTuber.
  • Jason Sinn

    Adrian is great! He has a quick and aggressive style but his personality and musical sense is wise and calm. It’s an awesome balance.

    March 7th, 2015 17:09
  • Raja Bala

    I’m so glad I spoke to Adrian after his set at a small bar in Sacramento. He’s so down to earth and humble, and genuinely friendly. Thanks to that chance encounter, I took my parents and a friend to watch him and Matthew Grasso a few weeks later.
    He’s a tremendous free flowing guitarist. I hope to learn as much from him before he becomes all famous and is starved for time.

    March 21st, 2015 17:10

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