The artist of this episode needs little introduction.

Throughout his career, Jon Gomm has redefined what it means to be both a singer/songwriter and an acoustic guitar player. He’s honed a style and technique of playing that is distinct and refreshing, that leaves even some of the best players wondering, how did he do that?

But my favorite thing about Jon’s music is that he writes songs that evoke emotion. It’s evident that his music come from an authentic and emotional place, and you can feel that in his singing and lyrics.

If you’re not familiar with Jon’s music, check out his website, Facebook, or Youtube page ASAP.


This podcast was recorded a couple of months ago, so my deepest apologies for the delay. In it we cover:

This was a really fun conversation – I hope you enjoy it.  (Songs featured: Afterglow, Weather Machine)


Documentary Backer “Artist Of The Week” Feature: Paolo Sereno

“Italy’s grooviest guitar player!” – Don Ross



Paolo Sereno is an Italian fingerstyle guitarist who’s shared stages with artists such as Thomas Leeb, Don Ross, Antoine Dufour, Michael Manring, Jacqueline Perkins and William Ackerman.

During the 2014 he played in Hong Kong, Bejing, Xian, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur on an Asian guitar tour with Masa Sumide (organized by the Naga Guitar Company) and was invited twice to play for the International Fingerstyle Guitar Nights in Shanghai. Paolo also plays in a trio with Violin (Andrea Costa and Leo Gadaleta) and Sax (Stefano Fariselli) playing his own compositions and swing rock standards.

In 2016 he created the Fingercussion Connection, a new site devoted to percussion guitar techniques.

You can find Paolo’s music and follow him on Facebook and Youtube.

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