Shane Hennessy

The Modern Fingerstyle Guitar Podcast is back after a short hiatus, this time featuring self-taught 21-year-old guitar player from Dublin, Ireland named Shane Hennessy.

Shane has been steeped in traditional Irish music his entire life, starting out by playing the Concertina. You can hear the distinct influences of Irish melodic ideas in songs like The Rebellion, but Shane can also bring some serious funk, especially on his tune Avenue (both featured on the podcast).

You can learn everything you could ever want to know about Shane and his music on his website, and follow him on Facebook and Twitter. His latest album Zephyrus is out now.

Shane Hennessy

Show notes:

  • Shane’s roots in traditional Irish music
  • Inspiration and influence fingerstyle guitar and Tommy Emmanuel and Andy McKee
  • The new album Zephyrus
  • Shane’s creative process to composing
  • Gigging in Dublin
  • Artists to check out
  • Gear

Links from episode:


  • Maton Guitars (read his full customization of the guitar here)
  • SR Technologies Jam 150
  • AER Pocket tools, Dual Mix, Colorizer
  • D’Addario Strings 12-53 NY EXPs
Brockton is the creator of and host of the MFG Podcast. Based in Seattle, Brockton has a deep passion for acoustic fingerstyle music. When he's not playing guitar himself, you can find him exploring the Pacific Northwest with his dog Bruce.

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