In this episode, I have the pleasure of speaking with Drew Roller and Mark Fisher, the guys behind the idea and Kickstarter for the first and only documentary film about Modern Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitar.

The goal of the film is to take a magnified look at this incredible musical form through the lens of it’s history, culture, and the people that play it.

Link to the Kickstarter page here. 

Fingerstyle Kickstarter

The main thread of the film’s storyline will be in a small village high in the secluded Austrian Alps, where once a year, guitar players from all over the planet meet to participate in a Fingerstyle Guitar Bootcamp to learn from the masters.

The documentary will also be suplimented with as many voices from the fingerstyle guitar community including Thomas Leeb, Jon Gomm, Antoine Dufour, Preston Reed, and many others.

I’ll be teaming up with Drew and Mark to help make this film a reality, and I couldn’t be more thrilled and honored to be onboard!



Thank you sincerely for all the support in making this project  a reality!

Brockton is the creator of and host of the MFG Podcast. Based in Seattle, Brockton has a deep passion for acoustic fingerstyle music. When he's not playing guitar himself, you can find him exploring the Pacific Northwest with his dog Bruce.
  • Adrian Bellue

    What an awesome project! Glad to be a part of the modern fingerstyle movement! Keep up the great work guys! Here’s to carving out a piece of history in the realm of the acoustic guitar!

    March 2nd, 2015 9:32

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