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EP 20: Jon Gomm (Modern Fingerstyle Guitar Podcast)

The artist of this episode needs little introduction. Throughout his career, Jon Gomm has redefined what it means to be both a singer/songwriter and an acoustic guitar player. He’s honed a style and technique of playing that is distinct and refreshing, that leaves even some of the best players wondering, how did he do that? But my […]

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Ep 19: Chris Woods Groove (Modern Fingerstyle Guitar Podcast)

This week’s episode features one of the busiest fingerstyle guitarists in the game – Chris Woods Groove. Based in the U.K., Chris Woods Groove has an impressive list of accomplishments in the fingerstyle guitar realm, including the publishing of his book Percussive Acoustic Guitar, creating video lessons for Acoustic Guitar Magazine, organizing and hosting the […]

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Ep 18: Gary Lutton (Modern Fingerstyle Guitar Podcast)

Gary Lutton is the 23-year-old fingerstyle guitarist from Belfast, Ireland and the 2015 winner of the Sky Art’s Guitar Star competition in the U.K. In this podcast, Gary explains his experience competing in and winning the competition, meeting some amazing guitarist mentors, and eventually playing for thousands at the Latitude Festival. You can find Gary […]

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Ep 17: Shane Hennessy (Modern Fingerstyle Guitar Podcast)

  The Modern Fingerstyle Guitar Podcast is back after a short hiatus, this time featuring self-taught 21-year-old guitar player from Dublin, Ireland named Shane Hennessy. Shane has been steeped in traditional Irish music his entire life, starting out by playing the Concertina. You can hear the distinct influences of Irish melodic ideas in songs like […]

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Ep 16: Dylan Ryche (Modern Fingerstyle Guitar Podcast)

This week’s episode features Australian fingerstyle guitarist Dylan Ryche. Dylan has a deep knowledge of the guitar spanning theory, composing, teaching and much more. In this interview, I really enjoyed hearing about Dylan’s approach to composing and how you can use limitations and parameters to spawn creativity in songwriting. In addition to being a great guitar […]

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Ep 15: Travis Bowman (Modern Fingerstyle Guitar Podcast)

  This week I spoke with  the 2014 Ernie Ball Acoustic Prodigy competition winner Travis Bowman. Travis was selected out of a sea of over 200 applicants based on his submission of his original fingerstyle guitar song titled Torture Chamber (song included in podcast). In winning, Travis was awarded an expenses paid trip to California to […]

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EP 14: Petteri Sariola (Modern Fingerstyle Guitar Podcast)

Finnish modern fingerstyle guitarist Petteri Sariola has been described as the “one-man-funk-band” which is a pretty accurate four-word summary of his abilities on the acoustic guitar. He combines his clear command of percussion with a background as a classically trained guitarist. Layer that with his groovy slapped bass techniques and his vocal lines and the result is something […]

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Ep 13: Tommy Emmanuel CGP (Modern Fingerstyle Guitar Podcast)

Tommy Emmanuel is a man that needs no introduction. He is hands down, one of the most influential and talented fingerstyle guitarists of all time. Recognized for his music globally, Tommy consistently plays 200-300 shows per year all over the world –  arguably the, ” hardest working man in the fingerstyle-business.” I had the pleasure […]

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Ep 12: Fingerstyle Documentary (Modern Fingerstyle Guitar Podcast)

In this episode, I have the pleasure of speaking with Drew Roller and Mark Fisher, the guys behind the idea and Kickstarter for the first and only documentary film about Modern Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitar. The goal of the film is to take a magnified look at this incredible musical form through the lens of it’s history, […]

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Ep 11: Making It As A Musician w/ Brandon Waardenburg

Brandon Waardenburg isn’t a fingerstyle guitarist. He is however a musician, songwriter, consultant, and creator of Apparatus, a musical accelerator that supports independent artists, songwriters, producers and engineers to empower them in their quest to make it doing what they love. I found out about Brandon after reading his article on Reverb titled Making It Professionally […]

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