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Fingerstyle Album Review: Stewart Garry – Sojourner

Because instrumental guitar music often contains no singing, it can be a challenge to draw a listener in who is accustomed to the sound of voices in music.  Stewart Garry, one of the UK’s most promising fingerstyle acoustic guitar talents, has accepted the challenge of engaging all listeners, even those accustomed to the voice, by […]

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Album Review: Bob McAlpine – Energy Over Distance

2014 Canadian Guitar Festival Champion, Bob McAlpine, blew the judges away with his performance aesthetic and fingerstyle virtuosity.  This in-demand session guitarist just so happens to have released a full-length, all-acoustic album in this year called Energy Over Distance.  For the discerning modern fingerstyle guitarist, listening to this album is no arduous journey of a […]

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Friday Fingerstyle Feature: Stephen Wake

  So What’s Your Story? Originally form Orkney, Scotland, I moved to Costa Rica at the age of 19 after spending a year out before University. Living so far away from my country and culture has made me rediscover the folk music I grew up listening to at my family’s musical gatherings. I’ve been playing […]

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Friday Fingerstyle Feature: Robert Castellani

So what’s your story? I was born in London but moved to the Suffolk in the East of England when I was 9. I first picked up the guitar when I was 13 after being inspired by Jimi Hendrix. In 2002, after playing guitar for a year, I was selected as a grand finalist in […]

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Fingerstyle Documentary: Quick Update

Hey everyone – First off, sorry for the hiatus from podcasts the past two months. I’ve broken out of my usual pattern of doing two per month but will hopefully get back on track in August when I return from the shooting for the Fingerstyle Guitar Documentary. Which brings me to the purpose of this […]

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Friday Fingerstyle Feature: Peter Gergely

Peter Gergely is a 20 year old Hungarian guitarist who specializes in acoustic arrangements of popular music, similar to artists Kelly Valleau and Igor Presnyakov. Peter was brought up with classical guitar training until the age of fifteen when he switched over to electric guitar for a few years, playing lead guitar in his band. After Peter got […]

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Friday Fingerstyle Feature: Trench

Dogs and guitars… does it get any better? I challenge you to watch any one of this week’s Fingerstyle Feature Artists videos and not break into a big ear-to-ear smile. With almost 1 million followers across Vine, Instagram, Youtube, and Twitter, Trench and Maple’s videos are at the top of my list as my personal favorites […]

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Friday Fingerstyle Feature: Adam Crossman

Adam Crossman from Bethany Ontario, Canada, is this week’s Friday Fingerstyle Feature. He got his first guitar at the age of twelve and played in a few metal bands, but it wasn’t until he took a classical guitar class at his school that he began to view the guitar in a different light. ”Up until that point […]

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Friday Fingerstyle Feature: Aaron Lefebvre

Aaron Lefebvre got his start in the humble roots of folk music. It was family tradition to visit the local music festivals, which grew a love for that folk and blues music he grew up around. These roots, along with discovery of modern guitar playing, helped to mold Aaron’s style. Not only was music a […]

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Friday Fingerstyle Feature: Adrian Bellue

Adrian Bellue is an emerging artist out of Sacramento, California. According to Adrian, he got his first guitar at age fourteen and was the ”typical teenage metal head.”. When it was time for college Adrian went on to study guitar but after a bout of discouragement, left school and went on to work towards a career […]

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