Aaron Lefebvre
Aaron Lefebvre
A modern musician with a heart rooted in folk music, Aaron Lefebvre is an acoustic finger-style guitarist from Pittsburgh, PA. Blooming from his self-taught approach to acoustic guitar, his music combines traditional and folk guitar musings with modern finger-style techniques that follow a musical narrative, which inspires the imagination.
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Fingerstyle Album Review: Stewart Garry – Sojourner

Because instrumental guitar music often contains no singing, it can be a challenge to draw a listener in who is accustomed to the sound of voices in music.  Stewart Garry, one of the UK’s most promising fingerstyle acoustic guitar talents, has accepted the challenge of engaging all listeners, even those accustomed to the voice, by […]

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Album Review: Bob McAlpine – Energy Over Distance

2014 Canadian Guitar Festival Champion, Bob McAlpine, blew the judges away with his performance aesthetic and fingerstyle virtuosity.  This in-demand session guitarist just so happens to have released a full-length, all-acoustic album in this year called Energy Over Distance.  For the discerning modern fingerstyle guitarist, listening to this album is no arduous journey of a […]

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