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Ep 5: Todd Pritchard- Modern Fingerstyle Guitar Podcast

This is a different type of podcast than you are used to on MFG. In this episode I sat down with Todd Pritchard, a really talented guitarist from Philadelphia, for a hybrid interview/lesson. I found Todd on accident while browsing YouTube. I watched a couple of his videos including his rendition of John Mayer’s Neon and one […]

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Friday Fingerstyle Feature: Nick Johnson

For this weeks’s Friday Fingerstyle Feature is Nick Johnson, a born-again fingerstyle guitarist. Nick’s played Metal for most of his career, even going as far as quitting college to play guitar for a signed hard core band. Three years ago, after growing tired of playing power chords, Nick picked up an acoustic guitar inspired by artists […]

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Getting Started with Fingerstyle Guitar: The Right Hand

In this first section of fingerstyle “tips” for the Modern Fingerstyle Guitar Blog, I wanted to discuss the  proper right hand position and how to get started with fingerstyle guitar. As mention in the podcast, one of the most frequent questions that I receive from guitarists who have played with a pick for most of […]

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Friday Fingerstyle Feature: Tom Winter

Today for our Friday Fingerstyle Feature, we’re highlighting Tom Winter. If you look closely, you’ll notice the culprit behind Tom’s unique fingerstyle sound: he plays with the strings reversed. That’s right, he plays the guitar upside down. As a natural lefty, Tom began teaching himself to play with the guitar upside down. Without anyone around to tell him […]

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Ep 4 – Donovan Raitt – Modern Fingerstyle Guitar Podcast

Donovan Raitt is a percussive fingerstyle guitarist from Orange County California where he performs and currently serves as adjunct professor of Guitar and Music Technology and Worship Arts at Concordia University Irvine. His latest album titled Pursuing The Horizon is out now and you can hear his songs Learning To Dance and letting go in the […]

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