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Ep 01- Mike Dawes Interview (extended audio) – Modern Fingerstyle Guitar Podcast

The first installment of the Modern Fingerstyle Guitar Podcast features – you guessed it – English percussive fingerstyle guitarist Mike Dawes. This is the audio taken from the video interview I did with Mike when he stopped by Seattle a few months back. Please excuse the quality, the crew was packing up all the gear […]

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Interview with Percussive Fingerstyle Guitar Master Mike Dawes

I was lucky to be able to catch a few words with UK percussive fingerstyle guitarist Mike Dawes a few months back on his stop through Seattle, WA. It’s quite remarkable the level of mastery Mike has been able to achieve in just 25 years. I mean this as a compliment when I challenge you […]

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Welcome to Modern Fingerstyle Guitar

Welcome to! If you’re anything like me, you can probably remember the first moment your jaw dropped while watching a modern fingerstyle guitarist perform. The combination of complex movements, syncopation, and not quite understanding how it could all be possible lights a spark in you. If you were brave (and dedicated) enough to try […]

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